Irini Mandó – Surfin’ Sky High

London-based singer-songwriter Irini Mandó has unveiled the latest video to her latest single ‘Surfin’ Sky High’. It is the third release from sophomore EP, Eden, and follows hot on the heels of previous single ‘Tide’, which became an instant hit on streaming platforms such as VEVO when it was released last year.

The self-penned hazy R&B track was produced by JFlames and talks about moving on from and coming to terms with the end of a relationship. Its accompanying visuals were the result of a six month project filmed at ten different locations across London and Brighton. Irini Mandó says, “‘Surfin’ Sky High’ describes how I feel about past relationships that didn’t end so well. I don’t believe in holding onto a grudge or any negativity. Shooting by the sea was a no brainer for me as I always feel at home when I’m by the water; it’s where I go to refocus and redefine myself and to start again.”

I’ve seen Mandó play at multiple gigs both on her own and with a band. Over the years it’s been great to see her evolve and reflect herself in a more honest and revealing way. The Eden EP itself focuses a lot on themes of moving onto better things, a rebirth if you will, into something that’s a little bit deeper and more naked. Revealing much more of her personality, which is greatly reflected in the music.

‘Surfin’ Sky High’ marks the latest chapter in Mandó’s burgeoning career, which has gone from strength to strength in the past few years. In 2015 she worked with the Amy Winehouse Foundation and completed the Amy’s Yard programme, delivering tracks ‘Pink Noise’ and ‘Hang’ along the way, the latter featuring on the Foundation’s first compilation album by Island Records the same year. With her quirky R&B-pop blend now established, she’s built a credible reputation and fanbase, bolstered by several headlining gigs and countless TV and radio appearances across London.

Irini Mandó will headline Hoxton Square Bar on June 1st and is set to release brand-new music later this year.

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