Oh Wonder – Heavy

London band Oh Wonder has just about released their latest video for the single ‘Heavy’. Right on the heels of their latest album titled Ultralife (Island Records). The video itself is a testament to the joys of editing. Taking approximately 2665 individual photos (yes, really) lovingly stitched together to create a sense of movement, that captures the rhythm of the single quite eloquently.

‘Heavy’ is actually the fourth release from the Ultralife album. Building up to the July 14th date when the album itself actually drops. The song’s breathy synth-pop effortlessly captures the vibes of a true summer single, which I’m sure will be in many a music fan’s playlist throughout the summer.

The duo is currently racking up your dates all across the USA, so if you’re a electro-pop lover in America looking for something fun and easy to digest, I definitely recommend the sounds of oh Wonder.

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