Genre-bending pair extremely bad man release ‘Love is Pure’, their debut album


extremely bad man is the collaborative project from Dominican-American artist, Julio Tavarez  – known for his work with As Tall as Lions, The Black and The White, The Dirt and The Grime and British producer and songwriter, Elliot James. Love Is Pure, is the pair’s debut album and shows how brilliantly the duo weave various genres into one cohesive sound. They cite influences in R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop and electronica – this one should not be missed.

“I wanted extremely bad man to be raw,” describes Tavarez. “Most of the takes were one shot, scratch vocals that are not tuned or cleaned up that much. You can hear imperfections all over the record. It’s very honest.” James also notes, “I’m really grateful to have found bad man to be an outlet for us to make art we believe in, and love unapologetically.”


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