Quote Club: Mark Diamond on his cruising track ‘Promise’ from new EP ‘Hummingbird One’

“Waking up before sunrise feeling like the most stereotypical struggling musician on the planet definitely made me feel the weight of what chasing my dreams was all about”

“Making Hummingbird One was such a special experience. I’ve never made music this quickly before in my life. It makes it even more special because these songs are me, right now, in this exact moment. I can say confidently say that these songs are exactly the way they want to be. I feel very connected to this universe after making this.”

Seattle native Mark Diamond has dropped his highly anticipated EP ‘Hummingbird One’ featuring cruising yet powerful single ‘Promise’.  The single features driving vocals that also capture an element of sensitivity.  The track is infused with a strong, memorable melody and complimented by racing guitars and lilting vocal harmonies.


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