Tasha Angela shines on soulful Hidden Gems EP

Over the past few months, Canadian recording artist Tasha Angela has been releasing a series of soul-soaked tracks like ‘Lost In Nostalgia’ and ‘Undescribable Feeling’, which has been met by critical praises and an ever growing fanbase. With each track its Tasha Angela’s serene voice that we can’t pull our focus away from, while the lyrics expresses tales of the human experiences that we can all connect with.

One such example of Angela’s relatable songwriting is ‘Up To You’, one of her more minimalist affairs which taps in alt-RnB beats as well as smooth soul melodies. The track speaks of a love gone astray, with our protagonist still holding out hope that they’ll “find a way back to my heart.”

This touching ballad is yet one of many precious stones to be found on the suitably titled Hidden Gems EP, which is out now via Public Records/Universal Music Canada.




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