Bad Honey release delicately animated visual to compliment single ‘Circles’

The Nectareous Bad Honey, our favourite soulful pop pair from South London have released a quirky, quaint and creative visual to accompany their recent jazz infused single ‘Circles’.

The song released on the 14th of February oozes soothingly angelic vocals alongside scintillating synths and features a dangerously catchy pop hook that will have ‘Circles’ spinning round and round in your head for days.

To partner with this delectable ditty, the darling duo have called in the calvary, in the form of an old friend who has helped to bring ‘Circles’ to life. A gloriously golden, honey-like yellow background is filled with fascinating animations which blend, squiggle and flow into the next, never really knowing what is going to be depicted next, each is an imaginative interpretation of the lyrical content, narrated by subtitles of a language that is quite literally out of this world.

“The video is an animation made by a really good friend of Teresa’s from Milan called Michele Stella. He created moving drawings of imaginary characters and objects, narrated by a made up language.

It’s been fun to discover how one art form can influence another in such an interesting way. Our first animated video, this is exciting and we love the surreal sense of the video which goes so well alongside our music of a similar other-worldly feel.” – Bad Honey.


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