From upcoming EP, Ruben Dawnson shares second lofi pop single 'SAYIMGOOD'

Our favourite Scandi-pop kid Ruben Dawnson is back with new single ‘SAYIMGOOD’. The track is flush with jaunty guitars, spacious reverb and head-bopping drums, all of which frames Dawnson’s direct lyrics, “why are you so unenthusiastic, huh? / Why you always gotta be so drastic?”

As with first single ‘FYALMA’, this bouncy alt-pop production deals with mental health and one’s treatment of the self, something that’s extremely important to the Norwegian songwriter and producer. Now more than ever, drawing that line between self-love and self-criticism is vital, considering the isolation that we’re all experiencing.

When Dawnson released ‘SAYIMGOOD’, he also shared this statement:

this is a very challenging time in many different ways, for everyone. ironically during these times of crisis and isolation, i find that humans are closer and warmer than ever. i see beauty in that. this is the second single from my upcoming EP, and it feels weird to be promoting myself… but i realized that music is also something we need right now so if you wanna forget about all this shit and feel something else for 3 minutes then please have a listen.
wish you all prosperity and health <3″





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