Listen to Issermann’s latest emo-trap single ‘Sad+Boring’

Following emotive debut single ‘Throated’, the London-based musician and producer Issermann shares his sophomore song ‘Sad+Boring’. Once again, his music stands out thanks to the lesser-seen combination of overtly grungey rock and trap-inspired percussion. By the same token, Issermann’s lyrics reflect a confused identity; the clashing genres mirroring an inner assault.

As Issermann further explains:

“Sad + Boring is a song about being stuck in those relationships that diminish you. It’s about getting stuck in that feeling of unrequited love and attention that transforms you into a two-dimensional version of yourself. Becoming like a badly written character in a movie, losing what makes you special; those little indescribable qualities making you who you truly are. Ultimately you realise that, whoever is in front of you, you are carrying this cage within yourself.



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