Introducing Skai Lounge with dystopian RnB fever dream ‘Maybe Maybe’

You might recall the name Juliet July from her luscious RnB single ‘EASY’, which we covered back in March. Now, the Amsterdam singer can be found on the latest work from South African artist Skai Lounge. The pair met via SoundCloud two years ago and now their collaborative EP is due for release this year.

From that promising EP, we’re listening to the fever dream sounds of lead single ‘Maybe Maybe’. Opening with floating electronic textures, Skai Lounge gently welcomes the listener into a world were African rhythms, indulgent RnB and a progressive digital production comes together. This track certainly would be no stranger on Beyonce’s seminal record, Lemonade, which hosted the likes of producers Jamie xx and Boots.

There’s a sense of distance created within the spacious production that allows the hypnagogic electronics and July’s soaring vocals to flow freely. In that you find Skai’s surrealism, which lends itself to the overall theme of dystopian RnB.

Although recorded before current events took hold of the world, the lyrics explore  the weight of uncertainty and how our perception of the can either make us – or break us.

‘Maybe Maybe’ is poignant, expressive and experimental without taking away the song’s meaning.

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