Premiere: Dani Saldo presents debut pop single ‘Friends Don’t’ on 21st birthday!


Consider yourself introduced to Filipino born, Canadian based singer-songwriter Dani Saldo, who celebrates not only the release of her debut single ‘Friends Don’t’ but also her 21st birthday!

The pop princess has beautifully bounded onto the scene with her dance infused, synth-based tune ‘Friends Don’t’, which radiates an innocent nostalgia, fondly reminding us of summer days gone by, this song is pure pop perfection, at its finest.

With catchy, commercial hooks bursting through the seams, this song ticks off all the ingredients needed for a mainstream hit, simply made for repeated radio play. As if lifted straight from the pages of the young artists diary, Dani’s lyrical content is delightfully open, honest and utterly relatable as she dives head first into topics of young love and self-discovery via moody melancholia and soft dreamy beats.

Keep your eyes peeled for a year full of releases as Dani shows no signs of slowing down, paving her way, inch by inch, she sifts and deciphers through the puzzle pieces of life, leading up to a huge debut EP release later this year – ‘Heartache’.


“This song is about codependency and how ugly it can get, if left unchecked. In the movies, I feel like it can get super romanticized, being someone’s everything & having someone who would do anything for you. This song explores the narrative of having a friend and getting little glimpses of what it would be like to have a relationship with that person, maybe wanting more than what they are able to give you, not because they don’t love or care about you, but because it’s a different kind of love, so you feel at a little bit of an impasse. You don’t love each other in the same way and it can feel a little vulnerable & unfair and that love can also be exploited, even without meaning to. Sometimes the love you hold for your friends can make you do anything for them, even if it causes pain. Boundaries can take time to recognise and put into place but are vital in every kind of relationship, something I am learning even more, every day.” – Dani Saldo.


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