PREMIERE: Lissy Taylor’s liberating single ‘Wildflowers’

We first introduced you to the British singer-songwriter Lissy Taylor earlier this year with her debut single ‘Mayday’. We were struck by her distinctive vocal and interested further by her background story, which reveals how this Stoke-on-Trent native came to incorporate an Americana style into her music. As you’ll recall, Taylor spent her formative teenage years in Kentucky, USA and she brought that love for American music back with her to the UK where she’s now finishing her music studies in Manchester.

As with ‘Mayday’, sophomore release ‘Wildflowers’ is effervescent with Taylor’s floating, breathy vocals over reverb-rich guitars and steady, driving drums. We’re left with the impression of determination and grit as the young musician asks “are you ready?”

Speaking about the indie-rock anthem, Lissy Taylor explains that:

“It is freedom that you can only give to yourself. It is a celebration of life coming into bloom and forgetting what weighs you down. It is growing to become something far more than what is expected of you. It is allowing yourself to flourish. Are you ready?”

Right now, we need more messages like this, so we’re incredibly proud to premiere ‘Wildflowers’, which is completed by a video filmed around Manchester.





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