One to watch: Conor Scott releases tender new single ‘Overthinking’

Hailing from Belfast, Conor Scott is an emerging Irish singer-songwriter worth keeping a close eye on. His new single ‘Overthinking’ is a polished piece of songwriting that’s ready-made for radio. Injected with folksy strings and pop melodies, the standout aspect of this song has to be Scott’s warm, friendly vocals that’ll have you swooning after the firs few seconds.

Interestingly, this track, more than any other his other work, acts a bridge between the different styles that this songwriter demonstrates. Somewhere in the blend of his raw acoustic guitar solos and hearty full band performances, ‘Overthinking’ has emerged.

Sharing a few thoughts on the song, Conor Scott says:

“The narrative of the song is essentially about that time in a relationship when things aren’t necessarily at their best. It’s not a break-up song though. It’s more about just accepting the emotions that you are going through, saying your thoughts out loud and then seeing where your head is at. It is melancholic positivity.” 





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