Latir comes full circle with UNTIL FOREVER EP


When we first introduced you to London artist Latir Thakur, who simply goes by the stage name Latir, at the turn of the year with blissfully soulful single ‘Blue Roses’, we hear tale of a forthcoming EP. Rather unbelievably, that has has arrive and we’re pinning our ears closely to the sundry sounds of the brand new UNTIL FOREVER EP.

For the singer, songwriter and musician, this marks the completion of a project he began many years ago. In fact, the lead single ‘Juvenile Forever’ comes as a second part to the 2017 release ‘Juvenile Youth’.

Throughout six tracks, Latir explores themes of youth, living in the moment and following one’s passions against all odds. Perhaps, this is where the eternally young character we hear from in ‘Juvenile Forever’ comes from. The luscious guitar lines gently lead us into the lively chorus where a vision of Springtime comes through the future-soul textures.

Be sure to listen to the full UNTIL FOREVER EP below.





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