Earth ambassadors Berne release ‘Stay’ partnered with poignant visual.

Third single in and London based, Maltese natives, Berne are back with the poignant, and poetic, electro-pop tune ‘Stay’. Partnering this release with an unexpectedly powerful and endearing visual, that stirs your soul and calls to the very essence of human nature. The impact of both the audio and video combined amplifies the real and extremely important message this pair are so efficient and eloquent at portraying, in the most creative of ways.

Both Deborah Borg Brincat and Gianluca Pulvirenti, make up Berne and together they deliver a moving and effective environmental message through ethereal vocals and reverb-laden guitar. According to the band, “’Stay’ asks planet Earth to stand by us, to give us time to make positive change and overcome the climate challenges we are faced with.”

Berne often cover inconsistencies in society and our natural world within their lyrical content and match this with alternative, indie pop at its finest. The two radiate beyond the initial sound sphere of the norm, by partnering their music with ideals of social responsibility and environmental consciousness, equating to songs that deliver substance and purpose.

(Created by Stop Motion artist – Carmen Mossaad)

Finding alternative ways in creatively keeping busy during this time, they have also recently launched their interactive series ‘Common Ground’, which is an artist-centric project reinforcing the value of togetherness in these challenging times. Tune in every Sunday at 12pm BST, as the pair livestream music from a multitude of diverse, independent artists.

“Stay is our plea to planet Earth for more time to reverse the damage we’ve done, before it’s too late. As more and more of us understand the urgent climate challenge, we’re inspired by positive changes people are really trying to make. We believe human spirit and togetherness will allow the globe to smile once again, which is what we wanted to represent in the visual.It’s a serious situation, but it’s still repairable…just.” – Berne.


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