Lex Low returns with urban pop track ‘Feel More’.


Londons very own Lex Low has returned with reflective, self-produced single ‘Feel More’. Gently simmering with an understated emotive stance throughout, this new release features the artist diving ever deeper into the depths of his emotions as he enters an honest contemplation period in reference and reverence to his early years. In this track the lens is held firmly over a poignant moment in time for Lex as it details and translates how he felt during the separation of his parents at age 10.

With this in mind, the veil is lifted over the lyrical content, creating a direct connection between the listener and Lex as a young child, as he openly sifts and questions the multitude of thoughts and feelings that were present.

Lex depicts this pure, innocent, raw emotion and transcends it into the musical realm via glistening guitars, arpeggiated synths and a layered chorus. Filled with unique, urban production and just a touch of Frank Ocean coolness, this new tune captivates the aura of Lex but pairs it with a freshness that signifies a new chapter, one we cannot wait to continue reading.

“This song was finished in isolation where I was reflecting on a lot of things, including my early life. It draws on the moment I found out my parents were separating and my father leaving. Lyrics like ‘do you even know this place, the way that dinner tastes’ are references to the increasing amount of time he was spending away from us. I wanted to write a track that felt honest and raw, it’s a snapshot of my emotions at the time – not necessarily the way I still feel. I love both my parents.” – Lex Low


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