One To Watch: Charles releases ‘Sundance Kid’ featuring Sharky

Charles is the North London artist with that future-soul flow that instantly made us sit up and listen when we hit play on his new single ‘Sundance Kid’. It’s been a while since the trendy creative put some new music out, and word has it, it’s because he spent the last couple of years reconnecting with his passion.

We really respect the authenticity of Charles’ creative process and also his pure honesty when it comes to putting his whole self into the song.

We know this not only from the lively, lived-in feel of ‘Sundance Kid’, but also the story that Charles provides with it…

“I wrote ‘Sundance Kid’ the best part of 2 years ago with my mate Sharky. I fell down a youtube rabbit hole of old bank robbers (don’t ask) and stumbled upon Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Inspired by their story, we began to write about my relationship between me and an ex girlfriend back in the day. It was a love affair, combined with bad behaviour and a lust for causing trouble. With both knowing we would never be more than just friends for obvious reasons. Playful melodies accompanied with fat bass lines tell the story beautifully. Produced by Mathias Boman, Sundance Kid is an anthem for couples whether that be romantically or just you and ya best mate frolicking about in summer fucking shit up.”

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