Escape with Asha Gold in ‘Passenger’


Following debut single ‘Too Good’, London talent Asha Gold delivers another piece of RnB glitter called ‘Passenger’. It’s the kind pure wanderlust escapism that we really need right now. Moreover, ‘Passenger’ proves just how essential travel is to human creativity and contentedness.

We say this because of the way that this song first came about, as Asha explains:

I had been travelling in Europe, and on my train home I heard a guy on the platform playing a riff on guitar which caught my attention. I asked him what the chords were, and wrote the song the next day with the voice note he had kindly recorded for me. It’s about escapism and how all your stresses seem to fade when you’re travelling, constantly on the move.

Here the young songwriter also comments on the current situation:

Although currently we’re all very limited on where and how much we can travel at the moment, I’m hoping this song gives people the same sense of freedom when they listen to it that I had when I was writing it.”

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