‘Disarray’ is the huge alt-pop single from Charlotte Clark

It’s been a couple of years since Charlotte Clark released her debut EP, The Shadow in My Company, under her previous moniker ARK, but we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s been more than worth the wait. ‘Disarray’ is a truly epic comeback.

‘Disarray’ marks a new chapter in the singer-songwriters career, becoming more herself than we’ve heard before. Here Clark sheds light on the single and her personal reinvention:

“Disarray is about choosing between the hard truth of letting someone go or staying with them for the ease of comfort. It’s about giving everything and realising that your heart will never be in it, however much you want it to be. The messiness and dirtiness of attachment. A cry for help and also an empowering cry of acceptance.”

It’s a poignant, powerful and passionate piece of confessional alt-pop that we have on repeat today.

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