‘Flex On You’ is Alice Rowe’s self-worth anthem

Blending elements of soul and pop into her beat-driven single ‘Flex On You’, British singer-songwriter Alice Rowe has created a thoroughly uplifting track that celebrates the feeling of renewed self-worth following a messy end of a relationship.

“It’s one of those situations where someone f*cks you over but once you’re out of it you realise you’re better. I was in this situation with someone, he even tried to talk to my friend and thought I didn’t know, I wrote the song straight after I found out so the song is very raw.” – Alice Rowe

It’s not everyone who can write a hit single to let everyone know you’re confident, sure of yourself, and moving forward with life, but pop-R&B singer Rowe is one of those talented individuals. Get this in your empowerment playlist asap.

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