Producer-turned-artist Solarrio enters with chilled tune ‘Real Love’

Germany’s ever-expanding music scene has come to encompass almost every genre in recent years, and one artist who represents a crossover between hip-hop beats, pop vocals and soulful melodies is Solarrio.

His latest single ‘Real Love’ sits somewhere between the guitar licks of John Mayer and the steamy pop-leaning sounds of The Weeknd to arrive at something Solarrio can claim as his own. It’s a super chilled listen built upon soothing piano, slick bass, fiery strings and old school-esque drum beats. All in all, a solid effort from someone who has spent the sixteen years working as a producer for other artists.

“It’s about finding real love out there and going through the ups and downs that make the relationship even stronger. It could be about a person, about music, about god, whatever the listener feels.” – Solarrio

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