Introducing Manchester’s Jude the Obscure with ‘Strong Enough’

For a while now, there’s been a bubbling jazz, hip-hop and soul crossover scene happening is the bustling UK city of Manchester, which has resulted in the names like Children of Zeus, KinKai and Nina Cobham. Now, there’s another artist to pop onto your radar – Jude the Obscure.

From an upcoming EP, ‘Strong Enough’ is a vibrant and dynamic single about resilience in the face of adversity. As Jude shares:

“I’m especially proud of this tune. I really feel the music captured the message I was trying to get across on this one. The rhythm section maintains this aggressive, punchy feel throughout, giving the perfect underlay for an energised, driven vocal. At the same time, it still has this uplifting, almost euphoric feel to it when the chorus hits. It was a hard balance to find, but I feel it really came together in the end.” – Jude the Obscure

Beginning with relaxed rap over intricate drum beats, Jude explores a sense of disillusionment. As the song progresses, his list growing longer with the stresses of everyday life, staying in touch with loved ones, balancing your time between work, social life, doing your part to look after the environment, and trying to figure out this mad thing we call life. This busy mindset is echoed by the layered jazz instrumentation, which bursts into interment moments of lively activity.

Check out ‘Strong Enough’ below and sure to give Jude the Obscure a follow wherever you can as we hear there’s more music to come this year.

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