Alternative R&B artist, Juliet July shares debut EP ‘Palm trees in the mist.’


Hailing from the historic streets of Amsterdam, alternative R&B artist and singer songwriter Juliet July has debuted her authentic and introspectively beautiful EP – ‘Palm trees in the mist’.

Oozing with an exquisite fusion of contemporary R&B, soul and jazz, Juliet perfectly encompasses all of these delicious elements and showcases them flawlessly in each and every track of the project. In particular the single ‘Gone’ explores her velvety smooth, liquid-like vocals which emanate a sultry yet meditative energy, accompanied with a miniature visual to compliment the vibe.

“Palm trees represent happiness, joy, warmth, The Mist represents more heavy, sad and dark emotions. ‘Palm trees in the mist’ combined, creates a symbolism for me to keep seeing the ‘Silver Livings’ in whatever situation life throws at us.” – Juliet July.


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