Felix Räuber releases cinematic single ‘Road To Chaos’

Felix Räuber’s newest song ‘Road To Chaos’ brings to the mind the cinematic soundscapes of dystopian films, which at one time seemed a far off fantasy, has becoming an increasingly closer reality. Through this song, Räuber hopes to increase the fight against climate change, as he explores here:

“Road To Chaos“ is my personal confrontation with the current crisis. I deeply hope that we are able to use this time as a creative vacuum for ourselves in a positive way to develop a new different future that we truly want to live in! This crisis is comparatively banal in comparison to every expectation in the upcoming centuries.“

This is why Felix Räuber decided to cooperate with the German environmental organisation “NABU” in order to be able to put his words into action. Together, they are currently working on an environmental campaign with the intention of raising awareness on topics such as “plastic pollution” or “protection of marine life”.

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