glue70 shares summer infused album -‘2070’.

Manchester native and Majestic Casual member has returned and with him he finally unveils his 12-track album -‘2070’. Filled with firm favourites and soon to be new favourites, the album emanates those enticing, gorgeous summer vibes that you long for and will certainly make a perfect addition to any summertime Spotify playlist. Chuck this on during the day whilst running errands, or pop it on in the evening when the warmth of the sun still hangs in the air, as you entertain or chill with friends. This is sure to become a staple listen.

Following on from two double track releases in the lead up to this mega album, ‘Dark Days’ & ‘Time Goes Slow’ followed by ‘Days Go On’ & ‘Til You Say’ glue70 has been sure to make a solid impression as he reintroduces himself and his sound.

Discussing the album, glue70 shares:

“This project is an exploration of my thoughts, dreams and ideas. Both introspective and extroverted, 2070 bounces back and forth through different mind states, like walking through the many different rooms in my brain hotel. Enjoy your stay!”


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