Jaymie Deville puts an atmospheric twist on his RnB-pop sound with ‘Lonely’

We recently introduced you to the Dubai-via-Melbourne artist Jaymie Deville with his essential RnB jam ‘Nowhere Fast’, and now this rising talent is back with a new twist on his RnB-pop sound.

‘Lonely’ takes a more solemn approach to depict “the metaphor between addiction and relationships. The high-highs and the comedowns.” As Jamie Deville continues, “Really wanted to link the two desires into one with this track.”

The atmospheric production and twinkling keys sets the perfect tone for this sumptuously paced track, which creates the perfect backdrop for Deville’s expressive vocals. The bass beat hits especially hard on this, mimicked those vibrational heartbeats that kick in with a swell of emotion.

This is definitely one for fans of The Weeknd or Drake, so don’t sleep on it.

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