Seraphina Simone’s ‘Hollywood $$$’ is a halcyon dive into the toxic world of fame

Following that startling debut single ‘Cherry <8′, Seraphina Simone is continuing her anti-celebrity narrative with ‘Hollywood $$$’. It’s a halcyon dive into the farce and falsity of fame, as the rising musician tells us, the song” is about the Lynchian, fame-obsessive undercurrents of tinsel town, with its sirens, starlets, leeches & letches.

A lifelong observer, Seraphina grew up around famous names like Prince, Miles Davis, Christie Hynde, Pete Townsend and Mary Greenwell, all of whom acted as godparents to the young Seraphina, and in fact, she was a firsthand witness to her father’s own dealings with the curse of celebrity, him being the musician Terence Trent D’Arby aka Sananda Maitreya.

Throughout the song, you can hear the authenticity of Seraphina’s words. She firmly drops the veil on the myth of Hollywood, evoking the ongoing toxicity of that world through words lines like, “’cause they all know your name, but no one knows your pain.”

All of this is framed within a layered canvas of ’80s-inspired pop, Americana guitars, addictive melodies and an off-kilter production that hints ever so gently towards the eerie world that Seraphina Simone so artfully depicts.





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