Thor Rixon’s ‘Lies’ is a dalliance with global funk, French electro, Australian dream-pop and nu-disco

No you did not step into an alternative universe where funk is god, you are indeed watching a music video of Thor Rixon‘s ‘Lies’, which is the same thing really when we think about it…

With the addition of camerawork that will partly hypnotize you, partly make you dizzy, this release is something of a masterpiece. We just can’t get enough of the delectable bass line, those funky beats, the playful guitar; it’s just brilliant. After watching this a couple of times – because you’ll definitely want to hit repeat – that chorus will be stuck in your head for the remainder of the weekend.

Shot in Rixon’s home of Cape Town, ‘Lies’ is the latest installment of his EP, coming later this year.

For now, all we have to say is you’re welcome!

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