SNBRN’s ‘James Brown’ feat. Malcolm Anthony and Anthony Isaiah is a funk-house treat

There’s nothing that quite lifts the soul like a bit of funk-infused house music and with a good vibes in short supply, we’re glad that premier producer SNBRN is meeting that demand with the unforgettable new release ‘James Brown’.

Enlisting Malcolm Anthony for his smooth flow and Anthony Isaiah for his soulful croon, this new mix celebrates the music legend that is of course James Brown in a way that’s truly joyful. From the 1960s to now, SNRBN transports the listener through decades of dance and we are here for every slice of this house, funk and disco fusion.

With blockbuster singles like ‘Gangsta Walk’, ‘Raindrops’ and ‘Beat The Sunrise’ already under his belt, SNBRN further confirms himself as a name to watch in the dance sphere. We very much look forward to what else he has in store this year.

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