TOMMASO’s jangly lofi song is a gentle reminder that it’s not always ‘Better On T.V.’

Jangly lofi indie-pop is one of those sounds that criminally underrepresented here at Unrecorded, so that we’re really happy that TOMMASO has slid on into our emails with his twisty-turny new offering ‘Better On T.V.’

Following debut ‘Brother’, the Chicago musician Tommaso Veronesi is furthering his solo endeavour with more sunny-side-up songwriting that evokes the warm glow of that enticing television screen. Yet as TOMMASO’s lyrics tell, ‘Better On T.V.’ is a “friendly reminder to both my listeners and myself to not get too caught up by everything we see in our digital world.”

Entirely self-record and self-produced, this is a message directly from the playful, indie-rock spirit of TOMMASO to you, the listener.





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