Gecko Club’s ‘By The Pool’ is quintessential summer love indie-rock

Gecko Club presents the vibe of a carefree summer that we wished we had this year with their new video for single ‘By The Pool’. It’s their second track release of the year, following on from self-titled number ‘Gecko Club’.

As the British band say of their latest release ‘By The Pool’, “The laid-back groove tells a story of a summer romance in the teenage years,” which is further buoyed by the upbeat percussion and energetic guitars. When all these elements come together, we find ourselves been lifted up on the youthful joviality of Gecko Club’s approach to indie-rock.

Although we’re hearing ‘By The Pool’ in 2020 – aka the year that shall not be named – this was actually recorded at River Studios in Southampton back in 2018 and this song was the last one that Gecko Club during that ten day session. So for the four-piece, ‘By The Pool’ also closes that chapter and signals to listeners to look out for what’s to come next.

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