Black Sands explore optimism in anthemic new single ‘River Soul’

Milwaukee-born Andrew Balfour, aka Black Sands, is a producer and songwriter who tends to lean towards the shadowier corners of life in his music. He’s already released tracks like ‘The Hardest Pill To Swallow’ and ‘Black Diamonds’, which explore themes tragedy, moving on and facing your past.

Now, Black Sands is putting an optimistic spin on his sound with ‘River Soul’. An noticeably more upbeat take on his signature anthemic pop-rock sound.

As the producer-musician shares:

River Soul brings a much needed optimism to a world in need of something positive. I started writing this in the middle of the pandemic this summer. It felt symbolic of a more positive future, a world full of possibilities and hope — a song for all of us to enjoy and embrace the soul of summer.”

Mixed and mastered by Matt Foster, ‘River Soul’ is upbeat and addictive, further emphasizing Black Sands’ scintillating potential.

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