Benji Lewis releases comforting new track ‘Everything’s Alright’

Aussie singer-songwriter Benji Lewis has returned with another inspiringly beautiful number. Following on from ‘Peaceful’ released in July, his next offering is the equally as chilled ‘Everything’s Alright’. A comforting listen, Benji continues to bless us with his laid back, relaxing and divinely alt-electro pop music. Having previously been likened to artists such as Shallou, Zachary Knowles and Kevitch, this newest tune sits comfortably within that selection.

Going into detail, Benji explains…“I wrote this song a little while ago with my friend Max, also known as Golden Vessel. We got to talking about our past travels and about wanting to get out on the open road again. Road-trips and travelling around the world is what started coming out through my lyrics. That feeling of freedom, getting out there on your own and taking on each day as you go. This is a song of hope and of letting all your worries fall away, letting yourself breathe, smile and enjoy the moment you’re in. I know that things are still quite difficult for so many, but when you can, try to take some time out for yourself to relax and reconnect.We are all in this together and there really is so much to look forward to.”

Give it a play below:


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