Asha Gold’s ‘Debut’ has that new love energy

Following on from Asha Gold‘s introductory single ‘Too Good’ and inviting second release ‘Passenger’, which we described as “the kind pure wanderlust escapism that we really need right now”, this soaring RnB-meets-pop artist is back with a brand new song out now via Bad Key Records.

‘Debut’ shows yet another layer to Asha Gold, both as a lyricist and songwriter. This song portrays the musician dipping her toe into first love, expressing all the unknowns that coming along with that, as she croons, “all this is new to me, new to me, I’m missing clarity; unknown.” It’s also different in the fact that the production takes a more electronic edge, like that of ArunaGeorge or early Mura Masa. Perhaps, Asha was inspired by the digital technology that allowed herself and producer Mitch Jones to work on this song together over Zoom, finding common ground in the energetic percussion, dancing piano line and ever-present RnB overtones.

As we hear from Asha Gold herself, ‘Debut’ is set to be the opening track from her upcoming EP: “This track kicks off the EP, and I love how the intro is reminiscent of the orchestra tuning before we began to play.”

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