On the Record: Sophie Kilburn

Unrecorded sits down with Derbyshire-born, London-based artist Sophie Kilburn, following the release of her debut EP, My Room Made Public.

Keir gets up close and personal with new single ‘Say Love’

Bristol Native, singer-songwriter Keir has unveiled a delicately beautiful and utterly haunting new ballad – ‘Say Love’. This new level of intimacy from the young artist highlights his potent, unique magnetism, alongside those soothing soulful vocals. ‘Say Love’ ushers us in to view another side to the artist, another piece of the puzzle as equally…

Anja Kotar takes pleasure in the small things in her latest lockdown single, ‘Simple’

Anja Kotar, is the San José based singer-songwriter that’s been wowing fans and blogs with her catchy and colourful contemporary pop songs and warm vocals. She’s spent the past year going from strength to strength making a name for herself as a conscious and considered pop starlet, bringing out songs that playfully address modern day dilemmas like online dating, toxic beauty standards and technology. Now, as her 5th single of the year, Anja Kotar unveils ‘Simple’, a blissful personal memoire about the joys of being a homebody.