Listen to Salt Ashes’ commanding new single ‘Cut You With A Kiss’

On brand new single ‘Cut You With A Kiss’, Salt Ashes perfectly embodies the self-determined femme fatale through a commanding performance. Punctuated by a dystopian electronic production, this alternative track brings the listener to the edge of their previously held expectations of the London-based creative.

As Salt Ashes says of the new release: “Cut You With A Kiss is about questioning the integrity of someone’s new girlfriend and believing that she isn’t good for them. It’s a dark place where honesty gets confused for jealousy so maybe these things shouldn’t be said out loud.

Extending beyond this storyline, ‘Cut You With A Kiss’ was also shaped by the three different locations that it was written and recorded…

Maddox Jones and I wrote the chorus for this in my bedroom and I fell in love with the catchiness of it straight away. I wrote the rest of the song when I was stuck in a hotel room in South Korea because there was a serious typhoon outside. When I got back to the UK I took it to Louis Souyave who produced it into a sonically haunted house.”

There’s an inescapable foreshadowing to both Salt Ashes‘ words and the murky beats, which pulls you further in like a curious cat. It might be dangerous territory, but it’s exciting too.

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