Self-transformation and synth-pop collide in Caspian Pool’s ‘Special Way Reloaded’

Hailing from the scenic French town of Annecy which sits beneath the Alpine mountains, synth-pop duo Caspian Pool shatter that relative quiet with their high octane sound. Together Low Bird (vocals) and Jimmy Q (guitars, synthesizers, production) celebrate their love of 90’s French touch and techno through modern recording and production techniques, as we hear in newest single ‘Special Way Reloaded’.

The thrilling intensity of this electronic song captures the theme’s of self-transformation and the blurring of identity. The distortion of Low Bird‘s vocals smudges the sense of self, which is propelled along the cold waves of synths from Jimmy Q as though we’re on a chaotic journey with this musical duo.

Shedding further light onto this complex idea presented to us in ‘Special Way Reloaded’, Low Bird explains:

“Special Way to me is a deep dive into our many personalities. Am I capable of reinventing myself with darker or brighter traits? How far can I change for somebody? I like the idea that versatility is not just a shallow trait, but a way to experiment my own limits, put certain characters in the light or keep them in the shadow.”

Jimmy Q goes on further to say:

“Special Way’s dark and jungle side definitely brings me back to my first love for electronic music of the early 90’s. The deep synth vibe leads to explore the internal madness of the lyrics and the waves of darker yet comfortable feelings that rise within.”

Currently, Caspian Pool is recording their debut album  with the help of French producer Julien Galner, which is planned to greet the world in Spring 2021. Before that however, the duo will release their Insider EP on October 30th.

Lead photo credit: Quentin Deronzier

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