Australian duo Dekleyn share uplifting self-titled debut album

It’s that time of year again where loads of albums hit and it can feel a little overwhelming in terms of where to start, well one record that we’ve been spinning this week is Dekleyn‘s self-titled debut release.

According to Dekleyn, “This album is the product of a year of hard work and many years developing our skills as songwriters and producers. It symbolises a turning point in the evolution of dekleyn and it has been a huge stepping stone toward our next phase.”

Of all the tracks on this generous twelve-track album, we’d like to draw your attention to opening song ‘Leave It To Me’. Built on retro-pop rhythms and recurrent synths, it’s an uplifting track that “highlights the struggle of feeling stuck or at a crossroads in life”. As the song progresses, so does the sense of confidence in the track, the guitar especially bringing in a surge of energy to the relatively minimal instrumentation. Throughout the song’s crescendo, Dekleyn encourages “take the leap, don’t take the fall”, a personal note to the listener to perhaps take a leap of faith and dive into the band’s debut album.

From here, it’s up to you.

Lead photo credit: Cath Connell

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