‘Crash’ the new power ballad from LegenDerry


Not too long ago, Pittsburgh native LegenDerry released his latest single, the emotional pop-punk, trap infused, power ballad ‘Crash’. Carrying both the skill and the motivation, LegenDerry continues to stand out and ‘Crash’ certainly follows suit. Mixed and mastered by GeekBeatz at the widely well known ID Labs, ‘Crash’ is delivered to us via Nightfall Records.

LegenDerry explains “We can crash if you want, till we’re ashes and dust, leave the past where it was means that we can relax, leave the past where it belongs, and kick it until we’re ashes. It’s meant to bring a carefree and beautiful point of view to the chaos happening around us at all times.”

The newest release features LegenDerry bearing even more of his soul as this single focuses on finding yourself and the acceptance that comes with it, recognising a need for love, the need to pursue your dreams and ultimately unearthing your place in this world, something we can all inherently relate to.

Check ‘Crash’ below!

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