Lissy Taylor blossoms on her incredible debut indie-rock EP, Wildflowers

Lissy Taylor is the Stoke-On-Trent native you need to have on your radar right now. Following a string of previously released singles earlier this year, Lissy Taylor returns with her latest compilation EP, Wildflowers. The project consists of 4 incredible indie-pop anthems; 2 previously released singles, the focus track, ‘High’ and one brand new song, ‘Hold Me Forever’.

Wildflowers flows seamlessly from one song to the next and stands as an affirmation and testament to Taylor’s skill as both a vocalist and a songwriter. ‘Mayday’, the previously released, vocally experimental, guitar-led single opens the EP. It’s a classic rock number with slight country-folk inflexions that speaks on the phases of self-doubt and battles with crippling anxiety that one often faces in life. The music video is a stylised and highly conceptual retelling of Taylor’s past struggles with mental health issues like depression and attempts to offer some solace.

The following track ‘High’ is the jewel of the EP, acting as the unmissable focus track that perfectly encompasses everything that’s ‘sex, drugs & rock n’ roll’. A subtly erotic tune, Taylor’s raspy vocals command the track throughout. The instrumental rises and falls in moments of suspenseful calm and loud, drum-filled choruses that are present throughout Wildflowers.

The third song on the EP is the project’s namesake, ‘Wildflowers, another single with accompanying visuals that were released earlier this year, ahead of the EP. Once again we get a sense of Taylor’s penchant for Americana style storytelling and love of big, bold choruses. ‘Wildflowers’ shows off her distinctive, sexy drawl at its best as her vocals speak directly to the listener as she repeats “are you ready for the wildflowers, are you ready for the sunlight on your face?”

Closing out the Wildflowers EP is Taylor’s newest, unreleased song, ‘Hold Me Forever’. A slight departure from the big bands and booming sounds of the previous tracks, ‘Hold Me Forever‘ sees Lissy Taylor adopt a more subtle approach; opting instead for gentle acoustic guitars and twinkling chimes, whilst maintaining true to the indie-rock flavour she’s cooked up so far.


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