Listen to Seraphina Simone’s emotive new single, ‘O M D’

Resident Londoner and burgeoning singer-songwriter Seraphina Simone is back and better than ever with her third studio release, ‘O M D’ which follows on from previous hits ‘Cherry <3’ and ‘Hollywood$$$’.

On her latest drop, Oxford alumna Simone perfectly exhibits both her intellect and skilled songwriting ability as she delicately retells the tale of a love strained by depression and mental health issues. ‘O M D’, beautifully encapsulates Simone’s young mind and old soul, with her lyricism effortlessly displaying a maturity and insightfulness well beyond her years.

Based on her personal experiences with love and loss, Simone shares that:

“O M D is more personal than the first two singles – it’s about loving someone struggling with depression, and how powerless you feel to help them. Like you’re a bystander in your own relationship, just watching them untether themselves further and further while you try and hold them and yourself and everything together, totally unsuccessfully. In this particular relationship, the more I tried to help the more I pushed him away, and then I ended up resenting him because it hurt.”

Despite its gloomy centre, ‘O M D’ displays all the best characteristics of a soulful contemporary pop anthem; combining deep, echoing synths with gliding electric guitar chords & powerful, heavy drums. Simone’s gentle, seraphic voice beautifully carries the dreamy instrumental before being joined by rumbling percussion and a reverb effect towards the chorus. The result is an intense and energetic burst of sound as Simone’s layered vocals echo in harmony with each other like a band of heartbroken angels.


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