Earl Gray Collective complete Teach Me How To Love EP with ‘Raindrops’

In September, we introduced you to the Earl Gray Collective, a quartet of musicians hailing from Cardiff, Hampshire, Woking and Australia but brought brought by their shared love of writing and recording music. Following on from the sonic voyage that was ‘This House’, EGC share another anthemic listen ‘Raindrops’.

Extending over five minutes, ‘Raindrops’ is a deep dive into some serious emotional work. As the band say: “Raindrops is an honest attempt to express the painful journey of finding the power to forgive others, even when they’ve seriously hurt you.

Centered around soft percussion, reverb-soaked electric guitar and layers of expressive vocals, ‘Raindrops’ is a great way for Earl Gray Collective to close out their four-track Teach Me How To Love EP.

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