Anja Kotar takes pleasure in the small things in her latest lockdown single, ‘Simple’

Anja Kotar, is the San José based singer-songwriter that’s been wowing fans and blogs with her catchy and colourful contemporary pop songs and warm vocals. She’s spent the past year going from strength to strength making a name for herself as a conscious and considered pop starlet, bringing out songs that playfully address modern day dilemmas like online dating, toxic beauty standards and technology. Now, as her 5th single of the year, Anja Kotar unveils ‘Simple’, a blissful personal memoire about the joys of being a homebody.

Written during the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic, when most of the world was upset about being shut off and shut down, Anja Kotar and her infectiously sunny disposition decided instead to focus on the brighter side of life. ‘Simple’ is all about the joys of staying indoors and enjoying the slower pace of life that quarantine afforded us all; rolling out of bed at midday, working from the comfort of your sofa and not having to do the daily morning commute.

As an alternative to the hustle and bustle of normal working life, Anja brilliantly suggests we use our free time to keep it ‘Simple’ and “build a fort in the living room, have a pillow fight, have a grilled cheese sandwich in the bedroom and look up at the stars at night”. Her playful, relatable lyrics and positive approach to an otherwise dire situation is truly remarkable. Such an uncomplicated concept but a revolutionary one at that. We usually hear of songs asking us to go all out, be the best and do the most, then here Anja comes and says no, just relax, take it easy and enjoy yourself.

Explaining the meaning behind ‘Simple’ Anja says:

With global lockdowns, people were suddenly confined to their homes and life changed
dramatically. Surrounded by four walls and a door, we were sort of forced to turn inwards and start
focusing on our true selves, free from all of the distractions and busy schedules of life as ‘normal’.
With so much going wrong this year, I wanted to write a song about all of the good that has come
out of it. I’ve always believed that one of the greatest and most useful skills to acquire in life is the
ability to find the brightness in the darkest of spots and ‘Simple’ is my musical version of that.

Anja Kotar’s single is a beautiful and joyous guitar-led song with shimmering keys and bright and airy production, ‘Simple’ is the much needed remedy to all our lockdown blues.


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