Aussie brother The Junkie Twins make a raucous on ‘All Things Future And Past’

Brothers Anthony and David Gill have taken their raucous sound from Australia to Brooklyn as The Junkie Twins. With an upcoming album in the books, the fraternal duo have shared the record’s title-track ‘All Things Future And Past’ to give us a taste of what’s to come.

It’s a boisterous endeavor that’s all about letting go of control, which we hear through those expressive frontman vocals, full-frontal percussion and bold rock guitars. As the song progresses, this brash introduction makes a way for more melodic tones, hinting towards brighter times ahead.

As Anthony says of ‘All Things Future And Past’:

“The song is about letting go of control, an experience I had before writing this song when I realized that trying to control a situation outside of myself was leading nowhere and I could only experience inner freedom when I finally let go of control.”

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