Keir gets up close and personal with new single ‘Say Love’


Bristol Native, singer-songwriter Keir has unveiled a delicately beautiful and utterly haunting new ballad – ‘Say Love’. This new level of intimacy from the young artist highlights his potent, unique magnetism, alongside those soothing soulful vocals. ‘Say Love’ ushers us in to view another side to the artist, another piece of the puzzle as equally sensual as it is subtle, vulnerable and sorrowful, Keir purely and effortlessly captivates in this latest poignant offering.

Keir discusses the meaning behind ‘Say Love‘:

“‘Say Love’ is a story of forgiveness, it’s hard to describe really. Life doesn’t always work out how you planned, to experience love even in fragments though, is really a beautiful thing.”

With the ability to both break your heart, and put the pieces back together again, Keir’s talents for songwriting pierce through on his new single ‘Say Love‘.


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