DeLorean Black kicks back with future-pop vibe ‘SALT XXXADDY’

When you hear “delorean”, we instantly think of Marty McFly and Doc hopping in their time travel whip to get up to antics before heading back to the future. Now we have DeLorean Black, the Los Angeles musician whose own music also spans space and time, from 80s pop to 90s R&B to present day contemporary soul and forward-looking hip-hop.

All of this is wrapped up in the enticing and deceptive package of ‘SALT XXXADDY’. As Black himself explains:

“Begin with a simulation hopper traveling to an alternate universe that feels like the 1980s. In the simulation the traveler plays a sugar daddy who has gone salty because his girl has become like milk left out in the summer sun…spoiled”.

His music is as conceptual as it is vibey; one big melody-driven ride.

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