Hugo Valentine learns to accept ‘Change’ on his latest reflective pop-rock single

Multi-instrumentalist and professional singer-songwriter Hugo Valentine unveils his latest reflective, pop-rock single, ‘Change’. It’s the fourth release from the London-based musician’s catalogue this year, previous offerings included fan favourites; ‘My Friend‘, ‘All I Want‘ and ‘Rule the World’, which have collectively amassed an impressive 300,000+ Spotify streams.

Sticking to his trusty formula of pensive, cerebral lyricism, gliding piano chords and heavy percussion, Hugo hopes to maintain his winning streak and impress fans yet again with his work on ‘Change’. Written in the dead of the night, several years ago, ‘Change’ is a bittersweet song about undergoing a mental and spiritual metamorphosis; enjoying the process of becoming the person you want to be whilst making sure not to lose the essence of who you truly are.

It [‘Changes’]was one of the ones that comes to you late at night, just when you’re drifting off to sleep. I’ve had these a number of times over the years, and though every bone in my body resists, I fight the urge to drift off and pull myself out of bed. I have an electric piano in my bedroom, so I went to it with the volume turned way down low and half sang, half breathed out the basis of the song. I awoke the next morning and sat down to write the lyrics. In a rare situation for me, they came pretty much immediately, with coherent meaning. I think the message for me was clear from the outset – grow up, change, be who you want to be, but don’t forget who you really are. It sounds corny but has been such an important thread in my life, something so pertinent. I went to the studio later that day to lay down the demo. Beyond the core message of the song, it’s also a song about realising that things are not as they seemed when you were a child. It’s a moment to reflect on those childhood memories and view them from your adult self’s perspective.

– Hugo Valentine

Created as though it was a message to his younger self, Valentine’s songwriting on ‘Change’ is as equally relatable as it is personal. It’s a meaningfully layered track that’s retrospective and, characteristically of Hugo, tinged with just the right amounts of sadness and hope. Hugo Valentine continues to make music that is both vulnerable yet simultaneously encouraging and it’s in this that the strength of his songwriting lies.


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