Art-rock trio Cat Ryan make their mark with ‘Mary Shelley Song’

‘Mary Shelley Song’ celebrates the randomness of impulsive creativity, which makes it a thoroughly unique and engaging listen from art-rock band Cat Ryan.

Mary-Anne Murphy, the trio’s singer, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist, shares a slice of the creative process behind ‘Mary Shelley Song’ with us:

It’s a very unique song and, despite the title, it’s only the first verse that’s  about Mary Shelley. Lyrically it’s quite random, having been inspired by a variety of  memories stemming from my time at college studying for my A-Levels. Essentially, I showed  my friends a new song I’d been working on and one of them came up with the first three  lines on the spot. It was funny because it doesn’t fully make sense, but that’s sort of the  theme of the song: it kind of makes sense to us, but other people will probably wonder how  the lyrics were created and what they’re supposed to be about.”

Partly a nonsense poem and partly a Shakespearian sonnet against a backdrop of thrilling guitar melodies and a slanting shoegazy consruction, ‘Mary Shelley Song’ is an unmissable listen from tis highly promising young band.

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