Lo-fi dreams come true Lucky Idiot’s Low Ceiling EP

In this world of non-stop messaging, eternal scrolling, chaotic streets and noisy minds, lo-fi music comes as a soothing antidote. It’s a welcome reprieve from this sped-up world of ours, helping us to slow down, breathe deeper and chill the fuck out.

“Low ceiling, good feeling” repeatedly croons Maxwell Byrne (who you may better know as Golden Vessel), while his friends and fellow musicians Kalem Woo (Rei So La) and Rei Sakakibara (Sweater Curse) add to this laidback soundtrack. ‘Low Ceiling’ is a reminder of the comfort of coming back home, which for this trio is Brisbane.

“We started Lucky Idiot on a bit of a whim, just for fun. Because of all the time we had at home this year we took ideas that we’d thrown around over the summer and borrowed a Tascam tape machine and started recording. We wrote Low Ceiling over summer, sort of asa love letter to Brisbane. How the ceiling’s pretty low, there’s not always a lot going on here but it feels good,” recalls Byrne.

Lucky Idiot‘s debut outing can now be streamed in full below.

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