Journey with us through Mungbean’s album, I Love You Say It Back

Mungbean‘s album I Love You Say It Back is a journey. At first you think it’s all about the space-alien psychedelia at the start of the record’s opening track, but even that moves into new territories punctuated by tropical-pop, woozy disco and synth-rock.

From there, we move into the melodic and melancholic ‘Slow Motion’, in which the expressive interplay between the vocal layers dance upon the climaxing math-rock soundtrack. The third track is yet another atmospheric pivot and it’s appropriately named ‘”cool”‘ to denote the crisp-yet-laidback textures of the sultry funk number.

‘Mezcal’ is a little harder to pin down when it comes the genre; it slips between art-rock and indie-pop. It’s a good anchor for the whole album and we can imagine it’s pretty epic when heard live.

Continuing on this emotional roller-coaster of an album, ‘S.A.D.s’ is a loose-fitting track that explores the experience of Seasonal Affective Disorder; a big issue for many people living through these shorter, darker days. Another floating single is ‘Sky Blue Sky’, which disarms the listener with a mixture of upbeat rhythms, shiny guitars, alternating tempos and confessional lyrics.

As we gain on the end of the LP, we’re struck with the reverb-rich guitars and girthy bass of ‘Images’; the whole effect is one of rocking. Listening to this track, you’ll find head unconsciously nodding along with the righteous rhythms of this all-out tune. Keeping with the intensity, we’re back to quotation marks for ‘”pool”‘, an alt-punk riot that surely would induce a mosh pit at a gig; a time which we whole-heartedly hope returns and for which we can be a part of.

The penultimate song ‘What You Find’ takes us full circle to the sleepier instrumentation of the first half of I Love You Say It Back. The effective stop-start rhythm keeps the listener at arms length, evoking the sense of emotional dissonance that we hear in the yearning lead vocals.

We’ve made it to the tenth and final single on Mungbean‘s mighty new album. ‘Angels’ takes it time to warm up, allowing the intricate guitar refrains to converse before the track fully blooms. After a languorous minute and a half, we hear a familiar burst of math-rock signatures that signal to the brighter explosion further down the line. It’s instrumental velocity that breaks through in a chaotic chorus of noise and emotion, and it’s the lead vocalist that we cling to for security in this sonic storm, her control and vulnerability here is something to be admired.

We hope you enjoyed out quick-stop tour of Mungbean‘s I Love You Say It Back LP, to which you can listen to in full right here.

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