Introducing The Love Buzz, Ireland’s emerging psych-punk band

There’s an unrelenting energy that can be found in new single ‘HARP’ from Irish psychedelic punk band The Love Buzz. It’s a joyful frenzy; like that friend of yours who gets a bust lip throwing themselves into a mosh pit, but without the smile falling from their face.

Opening with a lofi verse that sets the pre-holiday hunt for love and lust, The Love Buzz doesn’t wait to long before lunching into the kinetic fuzz of guitars of a punk performance. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics are undeniably catchy, to which you’ll be singing, shouting or indeed screaming along to after a couple of listens.

Reflecting on the new tune, TLB says it’s about “the freedoms and the isolation that comes with being part of the currently depleting music industry. Hope gained and chances lost is the main theme of ‘Harp’. Where we can go and what our identity is in the music scene and what it all means to us is an important part of this year’s creative process.”

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